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About the trend of Shaved Hair

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Julio 31, 2017

By: @hijadechang -

In defense of Britney Spears I have to say that the courage she had when she decided to shave her hair, although everybody catalogued her as an hysterical,it could be remembered as one of the greatest moments of the feminist fashion in the XXI century. Women as her, or Miley Cyrus, Cara Delevingne or Emma Watson used that hairstyle as a therapeutic look that scored a before and after in their lives. About Britney, who was 25 years old when decided to shave herself, it was just said she was “anxious” and she got out from the rehabilitation center in which she spent just one day. It is a good new that things have changed and when Cara Delevingne shaved her hair just some weeks ago, there was a lot of support behind her.

Shaved heads tradition have their origins in the skinhead movements in the XX century. Even if at some time. It was very related to a policy ideology, it stayed in street tribes that listen to ska, reggae, and swing music. This is very common in England (as we can see in This is England) even it got expanded to the rest of Europe. But it belonged to men. Now girls are using it as a way to empower themselves. Not only women but also all the sexual collectives that don´t feel identified with the standards of our society.

Now it is a trend: women and men around the world are beginning to play with the androgynya. A key person in this movement was Eleven, one of the characters from Stranger Things where, not only her personality was completely engaged with her outlooking, but also because she embraced her strength and decision during the entire season (e. d when she refuses to wear a wig).

 “My hair is beautiful because all it can do now is growing”, says @etredelalune in an Instastory in which he appears with shaving foam left and rasuring marks. Icons as Delevingne decided to support #whoneedshair uploading a picture of her new look from a Vogue edition writing ““The more we embrace who we are as people and rely les son our phsycial atributes, the more empowered we become. Beauty shouldn´t be so easily defined. It is limitless”. They are fighting against the beauty with names and boxes.

In the end, the struggle for gender, fashion and feminism are reduced to trying to give value to what they can offer as individual people and not as women men: if it is the case that each and every person joined us to this Fashion, Stop being physical and our value as people are given in the personal treatment.

Although the #whoneedshair started because of the cáncer fight in which Brooklyn Hutchinson is in, it also appeared in a very specific moment in which people just want to be beautiful by being as they are. “Having long hair is nice, I like it, but It also takes a lot of time and it´s nice to not care about your hair during a time in which you can focus on other business”, says a woman in Madrid streets about her new beautiful hairstyle.

For those who are considering to join the shaved hair team, we give you some advices to benefit of it as much as you can: using foulards for your head, in summer and winter. We really like using the most colorful one if you are having a solid outlooking, but simple foulards also have a point. Big earrings will help to highlight your eyes and eyebrows. Using strong colors for your lips will help to focus the sight on your face but in the head. But the main tip is to let you know that we also support natural and clean faces from those people who wants to show us how beautiful they are. 

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