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Julio 11, 2017

By: @hijadechang -

Talking to Ana Pizarro (@theduchessana) one of the main curvy bloggers in Spain. If you want to check out her forever_21 or her best advices about curvy fashion, just go to:


First of all, for you as an influencer and as a woman, do you feel that the social media is way for the women to get into the world of art and fashion?

I think that the background of the social media although being very capitalist, they gave us a voice to all the women around the worls. Specially to me that I´m inside the curvy and bodypositive movement. But I also think that we have to know how to use this new way and being responsible because you have to know who is gonna be the receptor of the message you are sending. Sometimes you upload a picture of yourself with bra and even if you do it just because you like it, someone is going to understand it as a sexual message. Instagram gives me the way to show myself as I am, but the risk you are running is to be bullied. But no mistakes: the one who uploads a pic of herself is not the one who is being sexist.

These last years, it seems to be appeared an acceptance movement about the big bodies, but there are a lot of people who think that the system is taking benefit of selling new clothes to the people that have this necessity (large sizes)?

In one hande, it seems to be an acceptance on the body of a woman who isn´t just tall and thin, but it is true that the clothing shops have seen a new opportunity in order to have a new kind of client. In somehow I think it is positive because it creates an identification between the fat population and a lot of clothing labels are covering this demand of fat people who want goods outlookings. I dont think they really accept them, but the take a good chance. This began in the USA, where there is a lot of big people who would buy this kind of products, so it is more related to a market interest. But although being thus, I support it because they are giving me the chance of buying clothes in more shops than when I was 12.

Few moths ago, Tes Holiday, owner of EffYourBeautyStandards upload a video to instagram in which the driver of an Uber was asking Tess about her health because of being fat. What do you think about this situation that happens to all the fat women in nowadays?

When you are fat it is something that occurs always. At the end, it is my body and my house. Anyone has nothing to say about it: if I eat lettuce or five donuts, it is my own business. The point is that a girl who´s fat has to hear more about people worrying about her health than thin people, so at some point you ask yourself "why is everybody thinking about my body?": they hesitate about how is your diet if you are fat, when you are think nobody asks you. When I began to write about fashion for S_Moda, there were comments saying "why is this fat girl here?". So, what happens? Just because I´m fat I cannot have my blog, or am I a worse person? At the end the problem is that the people has to get more into their own business.

The fashion was born as an art in the XX century but its origin is to express the feminity or the beauty of women. Even being the fashion born from a sexist concept, do you think we, women, can use it as a tool to empower ourselves?

I think it should be a weapon. There are some fashion labels who doesn´t share this point of view, as Channel, but it is true that new designers are appearing offering a new perspective in which we can challenge the feminity concept: the give us a new base in which the woman is not just an standard. I dont know if we can end with the patriarchy but we can empower ourselves and make us feel uniques. You are not less feminist just because you shave, or you like to make you up, because a feminist needs no uniform, everything is in the head. We cannot judge someone just because they like to have a concrete outlooking. I am a patriarchy daughter and use higheels make me feel confort with myself, so to judge me I think it breaks with everything I consider feminist. Any decision I make has to be free.

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